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Statistics 1 Syllabus:
            Tony's Research version 2.0
Online Supplementary Textbook  - Appendices
Streamed Lectures
Course Overview (Notes) and
Sampling Theory (Notes)

Statistics Program Tutorials
           I. Descriptive Statistics
1. Scales of Measurement Scales of Measurements (Notes)
Workshop 1
2. Central Tendency - Frequency - Stem and Leaf
Central Tendency (Notes)
Frequency (Notes)
Stem and Leaf (Notes)
Workshop 2
3. Variability - Boxplots (Outliers)
Dispersion / Box Plot (Notes)
Outliers (Notes)
Workshop 3
4. Standard Scores - Normal Curve Standard Score (Notes - Examples)
Normal Curves (Notes - Examples)
Workshop 4
5. Pearson Correlation - Spearman Rank Correlation Correlation (Notes)
Examples 1 and Examples 2
Workshop 5
          II. Inference Statistics
6.  Introduction to Hypothesis
Hypothesis Testing (Notes)
Effect Size (Notes)
Workshop 6 (HTML)
Answer Sheet (HTML)
    Comparing One-Sample Mean (sigma known)
Comparing One-Sample Mean (sigma unknown)
Comparing Means (Notes - Summary)
One-Sample t-test (Notes - Summary)
Workshop 7
7  One-Sample Correlation (rho = 0)
Excel Program and Examples
Correlation (rho=0) (Notes)
Corrcv Table  and Fisher Z Table
Workshop 8a

    One-Sample Correlation (rho = a)
Excel Program and (p-value for t-dist)
Correlation (rho=a) (Notes)
1-tailed tcv Table  - 2-Tailed tcv Table
Workshop 8b

8. Two-Sample Means  (Independ & Same Variances) 2-Sample Hypothesis Testing (Notes)
Independent & Homogenous (Notes)
Workshop 9
   Two-Sample Means  (Independ & Not Same Vars.) Independ & Non-Homogenous (Notes) Workshop 10
   Two-Sample Means (Dependent or Related) Dependent Samples (Notes) Workshop 11
9.  Linear Regression
     Examples of Regression Analysis
Introduction to Regression  (Notes)
Significance of Equation  (Notes)
Workshop 12
10. Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test
Goodness-of-Fit Test  (Notes)
Chi-Square CV Table
Workshop 13
     Chi-Square Test for Independence
Test for Independence (Notes)
Examples  and   Summary
Workshop 14

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