Statistics I: Mini-Lectures


Course Introduction (Notes)
SPSS Mini-Lectures
Measurement Scales (Notes)
Sampling Theory  (Notes)
Descriptive Statistics

Frequency Distribution (Notes)
Stem-and-Leaf (Notes)
Central Tendency (Notes)
Variability - Box Plot  (Notes)
Outliers  (Notes)
Standard Scores (Notes)
Examples of z-score and T score calculations
Normal Curve (Notes)
Cumulative z-score Table
z-Table Video Under Curve Examples
Correlation (Notes)
Covariance and Correlation Example
Spearman rho Worksheet Examples

Inference Statistics

Hypothesis Testing (Notes)
Effect Size (Notes)
Comparing Means (Notes)
Summary - Hypothesis Test - Sigma Known
One-Sample t-test (Notes)
Summary - Hypothesis Test (1-Sample)
Fcv - Table (Variance Homogeneity Test)
One-Sample case for Correlation (Notes)
Correlation CV Table   -  Fisher's Z Table
Excel Calculator and Correlation Examples
One-Sample Correlation: (Note Case 2)
T-Tables: 1-Tailed  and 2-Tailed
Excel: TDIST(t-stat, df, tails)
Hypothesis Test: Two-Sample (Notes)
Independent & Homogenous Variance (Notes)
Independent & Non-Homgenous Variance (Notes)
Correlated t-test -Dependent (Notes)
Linear Regression
Introduction to Regression    (Notes)
Significance of Regression Equation   (Notes)
Examples of Regression Analysis
Chi-Square test  (Chi-Square Table)
Goodness-of-Fit Test  (Notes)
Test for Independence   (Notes)
Examples of Chi Square Analysis  and   Summary
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