Statistics I: SPSS Mini Lectures

Texas A&M University Tutorial on SPSS with narration -
(also on D2L Course Links)


Intro to SPSS
Saving/Copying/Pasting Outputs
Data Inputs/Outputs
Encoding and Computing

Descriptive Statistics

Central Tendency - Variability
Box Plot - Standard Scores
Using the Cumulative z table
Frequency Distribution
(Scatter Plot, Pearson r and Spearman rho)

Inference Statistics

Hypothesis Testing
Correlation ( p = 0)
One-Sample t-test (Effect Size)
Two-Sample t-test (independent)
Variances: Homogeneous and Non Homogenous
Two-Sample t-test (Dependent)
Linear Regression 
Model  and  Regression Plot
Chi-Square test of Association
Goodness of Fit and Test for Independence