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Stats4U Data
I. Descriptive Statistics
II. Inference Statistics
Installing Stats4U  (getting Help)
Overview of Stats4U - Getting Started
1. Scales of Measurement
     Summation Notation (Web or Excel)
6. Hypothesis Testing Worksheet

Import Data
Exporting Data (csv files)

2. Central Tendency (Tutorial - Web or Excel)
    Frequency            (Tutorial - Web or Excel)
                                Excel Tutorial  Frequency
7. One-Sample Mean (Sigma Known
    One-Sample Mean (Sigma Unknown)
    (Programs and Tutorials)
Working with Excel Programs
Copying and Pasting Results
3. Variability (Tutorial - Web or  Excel)
                      Excel Tutorial  (CT and Var)
8a. One-Sample Correlation (rho = 0)
8b. One-Sample Correlation (rho = a) 
Defining Variables
Recoding Variables
    Boxplot    (Tutorial)   Web - Excel
Stem and Leaf  (Tutorial)   Web - Excel
9. Two-Sample Means  (Independ &
                                      Same Variance)
Transforming Variables

4. Standard Scores  (Tutorial)
                   z-score (Web - Excel)   z-Table
10. Two-Sample Means  (Independ & Not
                                        Same Variances)
Working with Columns and Rows
5. Correlation (Tutorial - Excel Tutorial)
         Pearson    (Web - Excel)
         Spearman (Web - Excel)
11. Two-Sample Means (Dependent or
                             Correlated Samples)

Interactive Statistical Graphs and Displays
12. Linear Regression

13. Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test

14. Chi-Square Test for Independence
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