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                               Introduction to Sampling Theory

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I. Descriptive Statistics II. Inference Statistics
1. Scales of Measurement  
6.   Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
2. Central Tendency  - Frequency Distribution 
    Stem and Leaf

     Comparing One-Sample Mean (sigma known)
Comparing One-Sample Mean (sigma unknown)
3. Variability - Boxplot (Outlier)
7.  One-Sample Correlation (rho = 0)
     One-Sample Correlation (rho = a)
4. Standard Scores - Normal Curve 8.   Two-Sample Means  (Independ & Same Variances)
5. Pearson Correlation -
    Spearman Rank Correlation
      Two-Sample Means  (Independ & Not Same Vars)

     Two-Sample Means (Dependent or Correlated)

9.   Linear Regression
      Significance Testing

10. Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test
    Exercises  - Answer Keys
      Chi-Square Test for Independence