Translating English Terms Into Algebra Symbols.
(use n to represent the number)
1. A number increased by six n+6
2. Twice a number decreased by six. 2n-6
3. Four less than five times a number 5n-4
4. The sum of three times a number and twelve. 3n+12
5. One-half a number is fifty (1/2)n=50
6. If from twice a number you substract four, the difference is twenty. 2n-4=20
7. Twenty-five is nine more than four times a number. 25=9+4n
8. Sixteen substracted from five times a number equals the number plus four. 5n-16=n+4
9. Twenty-five is the same as ten added to twice a number. 25=10+2n
10. Three x is five less than twice x. 3x=2x-5
11. The sum of two y and three is the same as the difference of three y and one. 2y+3=3y-1
12. The difference of five and five y is the same as eight and two y. 5-5y=8+2y
13. Twice the quantity of two y and six. 2(2y+6)
14. Twice the quantity of seven plus x is the same as the difference of x and seven. 2(7+x)=x-7
15. The sum of two y and the quantity of three plus y plus twice the quantity two y minus two equals fifteen. 2y+(3+y)+2(2y-2)=15