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The Six-Step MASTER Plan to Mastery Learning

The Six-Step MASTER Plan - steps to mastery learning:

How to make learning enjoyable and successful:

- create a low-stress environment - one where it is safe to make mistakes, yet expectation of success high.

- ensuring the subject is relevant - you want to learn when you see the point of it.

- ensuring the learning is emotionally positive - humor and encouragement, regular breaks and enthusiastic support.

- consciously involving all the senses as well as left-brain and right-brain thinking.

- challenging your brain to think through and explore what is being learned with as many intelligence as are relevant.

-consolidating what is learned - by reviewing in quiet periods of relaxed alertness.

Accelerated Learning methods, MASTER Plan -a mnemonics created by AC Learning Trainer Jayne Nicholl, author of Open Sesame:

1. Motivating Your Mind: be in a resourceful state of mind - being relaxed, confident, and motivated. Having the right attitude towards learning - 
    What's In It For Me? WII-FM.

The most important factors in learning are: Motivation, motivation, motivation.

2. Acquiring the Information: absorb the basic facts in the best way that suits your sensory learning preferences.

3. Searching Out the Meaning: long-term memory requires that you search out implications and significance - the full meaning - understanding as oppose to knowing - for example, you may know the date of the US Independence, but understand why Independence was important to America is searching for meaning.

4. Trigger the Memory: Learning Strategies for Memory - develop techniques to help improve your memory - e.g. visual learning maps

5. Exhibiting What You Know: Rehearse to self and others - teach / tutor - if you can teach it, you're really showing that you fully comprehend material- 
    You don't just know it - you own it.

6. Reflecting on How You've Learned: Not upon what you learned, but how you learned it. What lessons can you draw for the next time? -
    Becoming a self-managed learner.

Taken from the Book:
Colin Penfield Rose, & Malcolm J. Nicholl, 1997, Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century : The Six-Step Plan to Unlock Your Master-Mind
    ISBN 0-385-31703-4, p 403

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