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Effective Learning Strategy - Self Assessment

 Assessing Your Perceptual Learning Channels

Carefully read the sentences in each of the following three sections and note if the items apply to you.
Give yourself three points if the item usually applies, two points if it sometimes applies, and one point if it rarely applies.

Are You a Visual Learner?
1 I am more likely to remember math if I write it down. Points
2 I prefer to study math in a quiet place.
3 It's hard for me to understand math when someone explains it without writing it down.
4 It helps when I can picture working a problem out in my mind.
5 I enjoy writing down as much as I can in math.
6 I need to write down all the solutions and formulas in order to remember them.
7 When taking a math test, I can often see in my mind the page in my notes or in the text where the explanations for answers are located.
8 I get easily distracted or have difficulty understanding in math class when there is talking or noise.
9 Looking at my math teacher when he or she is lecturing helps me to stay focused.
10 If I'm asked to a math problem, I have to see it in my mind's eye to understand what is being asked of me.

_____________ TOTAL SCORE

Are You a Kinesthetic/Tactile Learner?
1 I learn best in math when I just get in and do something with my hands. Points
2 I learn and study math better when I can pace the floor, shift positions a lot, or rock.
3 I learn math best when I can manipulate it, touch it, or use hands-on examples.
4 I usually can't verbally explain how I solved a math problem.
5 I can't just be shown how to do a problem; I must do it myself so I can learn.
6 I've always liked using my fingers and anything these I could manipulate to figure out my math.
7 I need to take lots of breaks and move around when I study math.
8 I prefer to use my intuition to solve math problems, to feel or sense what's right.
9 I enjoy figuring out math games and math puzzles when I learn math.
10 I learn math best if I can practice it in real-life experiences.

_____________ TOTAL SCORE

Are you an Auditory Learner?
1 I learn best from a lecture and worst from the blackboard or the textbook. Points
2 I hate taking notes; I prefer just to listen to lectures.
3 I have difficulty following written solutions on the blackboard, unless the teacher verbally explains all the steps.
4 I can remember more of what is said to me than what I see with my eyes.
5 The more people explain math to me, the faster I learn it.
6 I don't like reading explanations in my math book; I'd rather have someone explain the new material to me.
7 I tire easily when reading math, though my eyes are OK.
8 I wish my math teachers would lecture more and write less on the blackboard.
9 I repeat the numbers to myself when mentally working out math problems.
10 I can work a math problem out more easily if I talk myself through the problem as I solve it.

_____________ TOTAL SCORE

My dominant perceptual learning channel is:

(enter the category with the highest total score)

My secondary perceptual learning channel is:

(enter the category with the second highest total score)

My tertiary perceptual learning channel is:

(enter the category with the third highest total score)

Taken from the book:
Arem, PhD., Cynthia A., Conquering Math Anxiety: A Self-Help Workbook, Ca: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, p158, ISBN 0-534-18876-1

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