The Ten Commandments of Collaborative Learning

(Adopted for Extended College Algebra)


Students shall do their homework until they get it right;
hopefully, they will learn in the process.

Students shall do workshops so as to learn problem solving , group learning,
and concept applications skills for mathematics.


Students shall learn from exams and quizzes
so that they will never get the same problem wrong twice.


Students shall use all available resources to learn or master each subject matter


Students shall not cheat themselves by letting others do the work for them;
for in the end students will stand alone on that Final Day of Examination!
(This is the only commandment with a warning)


. Teacher shall teach appropriate material and strategies for doing college alegbra well.


Teacher shall set challenging homework and workshop problems
to help students mastery of topics and concepts.


Teacher shall post answers or solutions to test in a timely manner
taking into consideration students level of response to questions.


Teacher shall allow for mistakes as long as students can learn from such.


Teacher shall be there as instructor, guide, tutor, mentor and provide any assistance to student
without judgment or reservation

Inspired Pind D. Ling, Sep, 2003